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Balboa Horizons Treatment Services

Balboa Horizons recognizes that choosing addiction treatment is a significant life-changing decision. Everyone has unique and personal reasons for wanting to change their lives, and everyone’s road to recovery will be different. At Balboa Horizons, we believe that addiction treatment is not one-size-fits all.

What Is Balboa Horizons Treatment Services?

Balboa Horizons Treatment Services specializes in effective and progressive addiction treatment programs. Because addiction is a different experience for each person affected, Balboa Horizons offers personalized approaches to treatment. In tandem with treating an individual’s substance use disorder (SUD), co-occurring mental health diagnoses and self-defeating behaviors are addressed to combat the endless cycle of addiction. In treating the root cause of an addiction, there can be a higher change for long-term recovery. At Balboa Horizons, recovery is about more than just therapy, but also about learning to live and dream once again.

Programs at Balboa Horizon place a focus on experiencing adventure and fun during treatment. They believe that when patients stop their substance abuse, that doesn’t mean they have to give up the enjoyable aspects of life. This facility, located in Southern California, offers access to picturesque beaches such as Santa Monica and Venice Beach. This location is ideal for outdoor wellness activities that can assist with the treatment process. Balboa Horizons features competitive sports like volleyball, basketball, surfing, and bowling. Art and music therapy are also incorporated into treatment programs to allow for opportunities to be creative. Additionally, those in recovery can attend fun local events nearby.

Learning how to navigate social activities without drugs or alcohol is also central to the treatment at Balboa Horizons. Many individuals with a SUD have developed destructive habits of using drugs or alcohol to ease anxiety during social gatherings. In order to establish new, healthy ways of relating to others, the facility provides hands-on learning opportunities. This aspect of Balboa Horizons’ treatment helps patients to build self-esteem and form the confidence needed for social interactions.

The treatment programs at Balboa Horizons are aimed at providing a comprehensive continuum of care. This is achieved through detoxification programs, inpatient services, and aftercare programs. Twelve-step support groups and family involvement are essential to the individualized treatment plans that are offered. The multidisciplinary staff at this facility hope to execute treatment programs with dignity and respect. Balboa Horizons believes that with treatment, people are capable of changing their lives, healing their relationships, and restoring their futures.