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Top Luxury Treatment Centers

At luxury treatment centers, special consideration is given to patients' needs in high-end, resort style facilities. These are some of the top luxury facilities in the world.

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Top Luxury Treatment Centers

Luxury treatment centers are resort-like, inpatient facilities where patients receive very personalized treatment. These facilities feature high end accommodations to meet a certain standard of living for those seeking treatment.

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All Points North Lodge

Edwards, CO

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, All Points North Lodge offers custom-curated approaches to trauma therapy, addiction treatment, and mental health work. The 86,000 square foot facility, in Edwards, Colorado, aims to heal dysfunctional behaviors by addressing symptoms and their root causes. This method of addressing trauma is used to handle cravings, stressors, and co-occurring disorders that accompany a substance use disorder (SUD). Treatment programs that are longer than 28 days also focus on family needs with weekly therapy appointments for relatives.

All Points North Lodge’s remote resort atmosphere is ideal for recovery, personal growth, and health development. This luxury treatment facility can accommodate up to 72 guests through double, semi-private, and private mountain view suites. Guests at All Points North Lodge have access to the facility’s indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, yoga studio, game room, mountaintop lookout, and much more. Because the facility is located about 15 miles from Vail, CO, activities like visiting hot springs, rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing can be added to the treatment experience. All Points North Lodge ensures that there is hope for everyone, no matter their past.

TRC Luxury Rehab

Tarzana, CA

About 24 miles from Los Angles in Tarzana, California, Tarzana Luxury Recovery Center provides programs to treat substance abuse and dual diagnoses. Clients are assessed upon admission to the facility to determine their specific strengths and weaknesses and develop custom treatment plans. Clients then go through subacute detox followed by an inpatient educational process. The final step of treatment at TRC is outpatient services which offers support as clients navigate reentering the work force. Much of the TRC Luxury Recovery Center staff has been through recovery. This allows them to remain free of judgement.

Luxury treatment at TRC is designed to guide clients towards improved physical, mental, and spiritual health. TRC places an equal importance on having fun and teaches that life during recovery is more than therapy and work. The programs at TRC encourage clients to find their passion and follow their dreams. Clients can discover their passions by participating in activities like virtual reality, bowling, surfing, horseback riding, indoor skydiving, and cooking classes. TRC Luxury Rehab aims to provide high quality, continuing support to those in recovery. The facility’s emotional support dogs, Louie and Mammoth, are unmatched in supporting the clients.

The Balance

Mallorca, Spain

THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab is a modern residential treatment center and a mental institution, unlike traditional rehab centers. It is created to be a safe haven where you can find recovery, peace, rest, and happiness.

Are you at a point where you know your life has to change? Are you searching for more peace, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose? At THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab, we understand the intricacy of the human mind.

Athena Passages

Greece, Europe

Athena, the patron goddess of Athens, is characterized by wisdom and courage. These traits are often utilized when seeking treatment. Athena Passages, in Athens, Greece, assists patients in finding the courage to start a new life free from addiction. This Mediterranean luxury treatment facility believes that the journey to sober living requires developing honesty, discipline, and sober fun. After detoxing, patients join the staff to explore the beautiful sights of Greece and learn the skills necessary to maintaining long-term sobriety. Athena Passages understands that addiction affects more than just the individual and encourages family members to participate in aftercare support groups.

Patients of Athena Passages stay in 1 of 3 residential housing facilities in private suites. Transportation to the beach, therapy, and other required destinations is provided. Other amenities available to patients include access to a rooftop sauna and hot tub, nutritionist, massage, and acupuncturist services, and assistance with money management. Athena Passages teaches patients skills needed to join the alternative way of life that millions of people in recovery are living at this very moment.

The Hope House – Scottsdale


Tucked away in the mountains of Scottsdale, Arizona, The Hope House offers treatment programs aimed at confronting addition at the source while healing the mind and body. This 10,000 square foot luxury treatment facility was established after the founder was frustrated with the limited options available in the recovery sector. Because of this, the Hope House provides personalized holistic treatment with 20 forms of therapy such as behavioral, mindfulness, biofeedback, equine, and talk therapies. These approaches are used to simultaneously confront mental health problems and substance use disorders.

Clients have access to amenities such as a fitness center, movie theater, negative edge pool, massage room, yoga and meditation, and bedroom balconies. While the Hope House features high end amenities, they pride themselves in providing personal care that is far beyond what is typical for treatment centers. To achieve this level of treatment, the facility cares for only 10 clients per month. This allows for 1 on 1 attention with an open-door policy that allows patients to receive the treatment they need, when they need it. The Hope House staff is passionate about using evidence-based treatment to guide clients through their darkest moments.


Calverton, NY

Wellbridge takes a science-driven approach to addiction treatment. At the 96-acre campus in Calverton, NY, addiction researchers and clinicians collaborate to bridge the gap between science and treatment. The goal of their research is to accelerate the integration of discovery into addiction treatment solutions and break the cycle of addiction. Holistic approaches to treatment are tailors to the individual needs of patients.

Wellbridge’s campus is surrounded by pine forests to create a private, calming backdrop for recovery. The 6 buildings of this luxury treatment center have many light-filled living spaces that have been designed to be relaxing, yet functional. Patients have access to The Wellness Center and the Center For Creative Expression as both activities are essential to treating the body and mind aspects of holistic recovery. The campus has the capacity to house 80 patients and the current staff to patient ratio is 3:1. The efforts of the scientists, clinicians, and patients of Wellbridge are what make it more than a treatment center but also the center for treatment.

Bayside Marin

San Rafael, CA

Exclusive and private luxury treatment can be found at Bayside Marin Treatment Center in San Rafael, California. Bayside Marin provides a safe, intimate, and comfortable setting for patients to change their destructive patterns and explore their passions and strengths. This creates a spirit of empowerment that is essential to the treatment at Bayside Marin. With newfound empowerment, patients can re-author their life post-treatment. Bayside Marin uses their own unique 5 phase model of addiction treatment which requires truly individualized programs and an interdisciplinary staff. Patients complete the steps of incentive, awareness, support, vigilance, and preparation at their own pace. Specialized treatment is available for LGBTQ+, first responders, and licensed professionals.

Hilltop secluded homes, with mountain or canyon side views, offer privacy and sanctuary to those with high-profile statuses. Bayside Marin treats a small population of clients with 30 clients split between their 5 high-end homes. Trainers, gourmet chefs, yoga, and other extracurricular activities are available and catered to the specific needs of each client. With individualism and privacy, Bayside Marin Treatment Center aims to help clients realize their potential through recovery so that they can pursue their dreams.

Wish Recovery

Northridge, CA

Wish Recovery in, Northridge, California offers a congenial, recuperative environment for those struggling with addiction. This luxury treatment center is rooted in familial and community relationships. After finally finding the right team of team of doctors for their son’s substance use, a family established Wish Recovery with the hopes of helping more sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers. The facility features personalized treatment plans with detox, psychotherapy, and after-treatment care phases. Wish Recovery specializes in treating first responders and the daily trauma involved with the job. In this program, patients are treated by former first responders and alongside their peers for added privacy, safety, and camaraderie.

Inpatient care is provided at Wish Recovery’s residential facility which is located near Los Angeles. Patients stay in private rooms and have access to a sauna, hot tub, pool, movie room, mini golf, and gym. The goal is to foster long lasting behavioral changes through a wide variety of therapies and treatment methods such as mindfulness, acupuncture, art, sound, massage, and horticulture therapy. Wish Recovery aims to help patients live healthier, richer lives free from substance abuse by regaining control and independence.

Seaside Palm Beach

Palm Beach Shores, FL

Close to the Atlantic Ocean, Seaside Palm Beach is an all-inclusive luxury treatment destination. The facility, in Palm Beach Shores, Florida, was formed on the belief that a patient’s standard of living does not need to be sacrificed during recovery. The resort-like atmosphere of this seaside treatment center is comparable to many high-end vacation destinations. Patients have access to the beach and paths along the intercoastal for walking, running, and biking. To communicate with their families, patients are provided laptops and cell phones. Additionally, Seaside Palm Beach offers and executive treatment plan for those who are unable to step away from their career. This plan allows patients to maintain in contact with their company.

Treatment includes on-sight medical detox, a full menu of therapies, and personalized plans. Because of a low patient to staff ratio, patients receive individualized attention. The facility offers a safe, secure, and private environment that is free of drugs and alcohol. In this environment, patients can escape their unique triggers and focus on their sobriety while in Florida sun.

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The treatment centers above have been selected as top luxury treatment centers by Addiction Center based on the following criteria:

  • Accreditations
  • Levels of Care
  • Awards
  • Amenities
  • Number of Centers
  • Substances and Mental Health Conditions Treated

These top luxury treatment centers go above and beyond to meet all the needs of their patients. With high-end accommodations, recreational amenities, and private environments, patients receive quality treatment in comfortable and relaxing settings. Because everyone’s experience with a substance use disorder is different, treatment centers should be chosen based on the patient’s individual needs, location, and price range. If luxury treatment is not for you, there are over 14,500 treatment centers in the US alone. For more information on these luxury centers or other treatment center options contact a treatment provider today.