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Naomi Judd Dies From Suicide At 76

Hannah Zwemer ❘

Mental health advocate and country music star Naomi Judd dies by suicide, right before the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Four States To Receive Millions In Opioid Settlements

Carmen McCrackin ❘

Over the past 2 weeks, Alabama, Central New York, West Virginia, and California have received Opioid settlements tallying up to $390 million.

Will E-Cigarettes Be Banned Under New Regulations?

Carmen McCrackin ❘

A new FDA policy can now regulate the sale of synthetic Nicotine, which may have a seismic effect on producers and consumers of e-cigarettes.

Florida Vs Pharmacies: Fueling The Opioid Crisis?

Hannah Zwemer ❘

Roughly 39,000 Florida residents have died due to Opioids over the past 20 years. Walgreens is next on the list of the state's prosecutions.

Pandemic Claims Even More Lives Through Alcohol

Carmen McCrackin ❘

The number of alcohol-related deaths jumped during the first year of the pandemic, with spikes found across all drinking-age groups.

988: New Suicide Prevention Hotline Launches This July

Carmen McCrackin ❘

Beginning July 16, 2022, those struggling with a mental health crisis can dial the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's hotline 988.

WNBA Star Arrested In Russia On Drug Charges

Carmen McCrackin ❘

As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues, WNBA's Brittney Griner's detainment in Russia adds a layer of tension in the US.

Liquor Stores Remove Russian Alcohol From Shelves

Hannah Zwemer ❘

Liquor stores across the country are pulling Russian brands from their shelves in an act of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

J&J $26 Billion Opioid Settlement Finalized

Carmen McCrackin ❘

Johnson & Johnson and 3 major drug distributors will foot the bill of a $26 billion settlement to help rebuild Opioid-stricken communities.

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